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This year’s poster painting showing the start of the Races at Montpelier is by renowned equestrian artist Booth Malone. Mr. Malone is the President of the American Academy of Equine Artists and well know for his sensitive depiction of all things equine particularly equine sports. Booth studied the techniques of portraitist John Singer Sargent and equestrian artist Sir Alfred Munnings. “They’re really twin souls. If Sargent had gone outside more he would have painted like Munnings and vice versa. They were both known for bravura brushwork but I also noticed they went for nuances and subtle gestures and that appealed to me — good paintings should be more than photographic accuracy.” Please read more about Booth on his website www.boothmalone.com. The painting will be on display at the Art Center in Orange until November 1, then it will be on display and for sale by silent auction at the Races.  To place a bid visit the Montpelier Store tent, the winner will be announced before the last race on Race day.

History of Montpelier Races

Marion duPont Scott started The Montpelier Hunt Races in 1934 on the
front lawn of James Madison’s home. The hurdle course features the only
live brush jumps in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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